SmartFork® Level

Goods are always placed at the right angle

During storing and retrieving of pallets a precise inclination angle is of great importance. The tilt sensor SmartFork® Level (especially in combination with SmartFork® FrontCam) indicates you the inclination of the fork and enables precise loading of goods also in high-level racks. 

Features / characteristics

Display of the actual fork inclination (level-function)

No slipping of goods as the forks are horizontally aligned

Precise storing and retrieving of pallets

Easy and safe load pick-up

Less damage to the transported goods

The fork tip is the only position to exactly measure the load in horizotal or inclined position. The total deflections of forks, fork carrier, lifting mast and even the compression of tires under load are displayed. A „must“ for safe handling of loads.

SmartFork® Level: Photos and detail views

SmartFork® Level

SmartFork® Level: Display on the SmartFork® monitor


  • Increased visibility

  • Storing of goods

Technical data

SmartFork® Level scope of supply

1 SmartFork® incl. tilt sensor inside the fork tip

1 fork as counterpart

SmartConnect options

Signal output: SmartFork® monitor

Interface: CAN bus

Signal transmission: cable-guided

Power supply: Battery or cable-guided with interface on the fork head


For even higher safety we recommend the combination with:

SmartFork® FrontCam

In combination with SmartFork® FrontCam, SmartFork® Level is displayed as a horizontal line on the camera screen and enables precise load pick-up.

SmartFork® FrontCam

SmartFork® SideCam

The combination of SmartFork® SideCam and SmartFork® Level offers safe and easy retraction in pallets. The inclination is displayed as a horizontal line on the camera screen.

SmartFork® SideCam

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