SmartFork® Laser

Approach and enter pallet pockets accurately in great heights is a demanding task. With SmartFork® Laser aiming device you rise to this challenge to safely pick up loads in the high bay warehouse.


Your benefits:

Safe loading

Precise sighting of pallets and loads

Simple load pick-up in the high-bay warehouse

Less damage to the transported goods

Laser safety class 1M, no risk of eye injuries

Laser available in red or green

Operation by the existing power supply or by battery

SmartFork Laser: Photos and detail views

SmartFork® Laser

SmartFork® Laser projection onto the load carrier

SmartFork®Laser: integration in the fork tip


Fast start-up in Logistics 4.0

SmartFork® Laser with SmartSupply battery: quickly installed and immediately ready for use!



  • Unobstructed forward view

  • Storing of goods

Technical data

SmartFork® Laser scope of supply

1 SmartFork® incl. laser

  • Laser safety class 1M in red or green
  • Tip thickness min. 25 mm

1 fork as counterpart

SmartConnect options

Power supply: SmartSupply battery or cable-guided with interface on the fork head
Battery life SmartSupply (Laser green): approx. 22 hours in permanent operation at room temperature
Battery life SmartSupply (Laser red): approx. 32 hours in permanent operation at room temperature


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SmartFork FrontCam

In combination with SmartFork® FrontCam the laser line is displayed on the camera monitor resulting in a more efficient and safe load pick-up. 

SmartFork® FrontCam

SmartFork SideCam

SmartFork® SideCam and SmartFork® Laser are a proven combination. The laser line is visible on the camera monitor. Targeting is made easier, safer and more efficient. 

SmartFork® SideCam

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