SmartFork® Scale

The new dimension of weighing with intelligent load center display

SmartFork® Scale is the innovative WeighingFork for easy and exact weight detection directly with the forks including intelligent load center display. Special characteristics are the optimum integration in the work environment, the use of standard components and the possibility of installation into nearly all types of attachments. 

The benefits at a glance

Weight detection and display of load center

Wireless data transfer, quick installation

Digital display with touch function, user interface individually programmable

Intuitive adjustment menu

Rechargeable battery made by BOSCH

SmartEnergy: automatic deactivation during standstill (energy-saving mode)

Integrated tilt sensor to detect oblique positions

Every conceivable fork suspension

Combinable with SmartFork® applications

Easy IT-connection (printer, scanner, ERP)

Highly accurate weighing result (system tolerance +/- 0,1% of the nominal load), calibrated with gauged weights

Add up weights (adding memory)

Tare weight by touch or pre-selection

Zero correction

Calculation of individual weights

Digital calibration

SmartFork® Scale: Photos and detail views

SmartFork® Scale WeighingForks

SmartDisplay with load center indication

SmartDisplay with standard weighing function

SmartSupply with Bosch battery

Technical data

SmartFork Scale scope of supply

2 SmartFork® Scale WeighingForks

  • Available with a wide range of suspensions (ISO, Bolt-on forks, Pin-type forks, etc.)
  • Capacities up to 5,000 kg / pair - further on demand
  • Calibrated with gauged weights

The up-to-date type list is available in the SmartFork® Scale brochure.

SmartConnect options

Signal transfer: Bluetooth, CAN bus

Power supply: SmartSupply rechargeable batteries or wire-guided via electrical system

  • Optional 2 additional SmartSupply exchangeable and rechargeable batteries incl. battery charger

Signal output: SmartDisplay in industrial housing with RAM-holder

SmartFork® Scale complies with the requirements of EU guideline 90/384/EWG.

SmartFork® Scale: Gauging or calibration?

Intelligent options for SmartFork Scale

Haptic Warning

SmartFork® Scale signalizes - the seat vibrates! The forklift driver can completely concentrate on the load process without distraction by acoustic or visual signals. A real plus in working safety. 

Haptic Warning

SmartFork FrontCam

The camera inside the fork tip extends the field of vision ahead of the load and increases working safety on weighing and transporting goods. 

SmartFork® FrontCam

SmartFork SideCam

The lateral camera offers a clear view on the fork tips enabling an easy and safe retraction in pallets. 

SmartFork® SideCam

SmartFork Laser

SmartFork® Laser enables safe load pick-up by projecting a laser line onto the load carrier.

SmartFork® Laser

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