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SmartFork FAQ

Please find below answers to frequently asked questions about the SmartFork® - from enquiry and purchase order to installation, safety instructions and application. 

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    No, SmartFork® applications may be installed in different fork types, without any modifications in terms of dimensions, length or suspension. The fork itself is designed to maintain the load capacity and to ensure continued validity of safety factor 3. 

    SmartFork® always signifies special fork, individually designed for you and mechanically processed according to the respective application requirements. Retrofitting SmartFork® components into existing forks is generally not recommended. 

    SmartFork® Applications may be installed into almost all special forks. We would be pleased to assist with your individual application!

    No, VETTER will gladly offer advice regarding installation or required components for power supply.
    Products are distributed by your service partner, respectively authorized dealers, who will also perform the assembly or installation.  

    No, there is no hazard to the eyes. The laser complies with laser protection class 1M.

    SmartFork® Laser glares can be eliminated by connecting the power supply of the laser with the lift height control of the mast to ensure activation of the laser beam at a pre-defined height level only.

    It is generally possible to dismount cameras / sensors from a worn fork and mount it into a new identical fork. The replacement fork will be delivered completely preconfigured including cabling inside the fork. Nevertheless we propose to check the condition and operating hours of each application to estimate if mounting and reuse is worth it.

    And vice versa: All SmartFork® applications are developed for heavy duty use. However, if there is a defect of a camera or a sensor, it is also possible to order the single components for being exchanged. 

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    Henrik Stahl

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    Patrick Schneider

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