SmartFork® Camera

The load has been picked up and it blocks your view. Stacking doesn´t need to be a hit or miss affair. SmartFork® Camera enables you to see everything that would otherwise remain hidden.


Your benefits:

  • Extension of your field of vision
  • Sighting of carriers
  • Safe loading
  • Detecting obstacles when the load is picked up
  • For use on counterbalanced and reach trucks

The forklift truck operator can see to the front even when transporting large-volume loads, increasing safety on driving, loading processes and setting down loads. The SmartFork® Camera can be perfectly combined with SmartFork® Laser.

The special high-quality camera is integrated into the fork tip. A guard plate protects the camera. Tip thickness is 25 mm, any taper can be realised. The camera lens has an angle of inclination of 0°.


The SmartFork® Camera can be perfectly combined with additional ancillary equipment:

  • SmartFork® Laser: Projection of a line laser integrated in the fork tip onto the load and the load carrier for improved aiming.


  • Unobstructed forward view

  • Storing of goods

Please contact us for more detailed information as well as competent advise through our consultants to allow us to find the best solutions for your requirements.

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