SmartFork® EasySecure

SmartFork® EasySecure makes pallet loading even more intelligent, no matter whether block storage or high bay racking. The light sensor mounted in the fork blade center indicates the pallet end or facilitates a safe recognition of length- or crosswise stored Euro-pallets. For a flexible application the SmartFork® EasySecure can be adapted individually to up to 3 load carriers.


Your benefits:

  • Safe load absorption in block storage, even in vast heights
  • Safe recognition of transverse or longitudinal stored pallets
  • Up to three firmly defined pallets can be picked up and stored independently

The light sensor SmartFork® EasySecure in the fork blade center assists the forklift driver picking up loads in block(storage), in high-bay storage and transporting transverse or longitudinal stored pallets. The end of a pallet or space between 2 goods is reliably identified and the danger to lift up the pallet next in line is significantly reduced. Up to 3 individual positions of SmartFork® EasySecure can be defined. 

SmartFork® EasySecure is displayed on a separate terminal / LED display or in combination with SmartFork® Camera on the camera monitor.


Instructions for use: 

Smooth function depends on the transported good / load carrier. 
We kindly advice you!


  • Block storage in the warehouse

  • Retrieval of goods

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