SmartFork® Laser

Approach and enter forklift pockets accurately in great heights is a demanding task. With SmartFork® Laser aiming device you rise to this challenge to safely pick up loads in the high bay warehouse.


Your benefits:

  • Safe loading
  • Precise sighting of pallets and loads
  • Simple load pick-up in the high-bay warehouse
  • Less damage to the transported goods
  • Simple assembly: Can be operated using the existing power supply or by battery

The SmartFork® Laser targeting aid allows the forklift truck operator to precisely target the load carrier, making it much easier to pick up the load. The high-quality laser is integrated into the fork tip and positioned so the laser beam is clearly visible on the load carrier / storage rack and focussed on the central foot of the load carrier. Tip thickness is 25 mm. For use on counterweight trucks the laser is also protected by a cover against damage.

SmartFork® Laser corresponds to the lowest laser safety class (=no risk of eye injuries). In addition, we recommend integrating the laser into the truck’s lift-height control system in order to activate it above a defi ned lift height.


Instructions for use: The visibility of the laser beam depends on the brightness of the surroundings and the targeted load carrier (material, colour).


  • Unobstructed forward view

  • Storing of goods

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