SmartFork® AGVready!

The innovative forks for AGVs

Sensor technology where it is needed: IN THE FORKS

VETTER offers sophisticated solutions for equipping your AGV’s with forks. With  intelligent sensor technology, and the ability to easily adapt them to a wide range of requirements.

AGVready! Detailed and safe load detection and pick-up with the SmartFork® from VETTER.

Innovative sensor technology integrated into the forks

Download the VETTER SmartFork® AGVready flyer and discover varied possibilities of innovative sensor technology for your AGV.

SmartFork® AGVready

Your all-round carefree package

From the idea to the ready-to-install solution!

Our team of experts supports you from the initial idea to ready-to-install solutions! Benefi t from the expertise of the market leader. 

Make your AGV the safest warehouse assistant.

Project management with free workshops to develop innovative sensor concepts according to your requirements

Industrial strength for the toughest operating conditions and durability

Advice on design and functionality

Individual solution for your application

Certified according to ISO 2330 with strength verification as well as millimetre-accurate indication of tip deflection under load

Mechanical processing for optimum installation of the sensor technology by VETTER

Standardised communication interfaces such as I/O link, CANopen etc.

Plug&Play thanks to ready-to-install solutions

Installation service with pre-setting of sensor parameters including function tests

Manufacturer‘s warranty with after-sales service on the complete solution supplied

AGVready! - From practice

Safe load pick-up thanks to integrated sensors in the fork tip

AGV sensor fork with anti-slip coating

Integrated cable routing in the fork for energy supply and data transmission

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