SmartFork® FrontCam

The only solution for best view ahead the load

The load has been picked up and it blocks your view. Stacking doesn´t need to be a hit or miss affair. SmartFork® FrontCam enables you to see everything that would otherwise remain hidden.

Features / characteristics

Extension of the field of vision ahead the load

Sighting of carriers

Safe loading

Detecting persons / obstacles when the load is picked up

Camera lens with 0° angle of inclination
Tip thickness only 1"

SmartFork FrontCam: Photos and detail views

SmartFork® FrontCam

Monitor view with loaded cargo

SmartFork® FrontCam integrated in the fork tip

SmartFork® FrontCam: Integration in the fork tip


  • Unobstructed forward view

  • Storing of goods

Technical data

Scope of supply SmartFork FrontCam

  • 1 SmartFork® incl. camera
  • Camera lens has an angle of inclination of 0°
  • 1 fork as counterpart

SmartConnect options

  • Signal output: SmartFork® monitor
  • Signal transmission: Wired
  • Power supply: Battery or wired with interface on the fork head


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