SmartFork® only reaches its full potential when an optimum integration into the existing structure can be guaranteed. Therefore, VETTER offers a range of different options for energy supply, data transfer and signal output - always with a view to the individual application and working conditions. 

SmartConnect energy supply / data transfer


  • Self-sufficient energy supply through BOSCH standard battery
  • Data transfer via Bluetooth
  • SmartEnergy: automatic deactivation at a standstill (energy saving mode)
  • Minimum installation effort
  • Fast battery change


  • No mast cable necessary (minimum installation effort)
  • Interference resistant through 2,4 GHZ digital radio
  • Up to 10 systems simultaneously applicable
  • SmartEnergy: automatic deactivation at a standstill (energy saving mode)

Mast cable

  • For data- and energy transfer
  • Permanent energy supply, connection to the electrical system


  • Provision / exchange of data via CANopen knot
  • Optimum integration in your vehicle, respectively system environment

Further versions such as cable reels, spiral cables, etc. on request. We will gladly advise you!

SmartConnect signal output


  • Programmable display
  • Wireless signal transmission via Bluetooth
  • Intuitive adjustment menu
  • Robust industrial housing
  • Installation with RAM mount


  • Proven video standard
  • Up to 4 camera images simultaneously
  • Installation with RAM mount

EasySecure display

  • Up to three positions displayable
  • Selection of 7 different colours
  • Installation with RAM mount or to an existing monitor

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