SmartFork® ManuTel

The manual TelescopicFork with SmartFork® applications

When transporting different loading lengths driving with gut feeling is a real challenge. That is why the SmartFork® ManuTel combines the intelligent with the functional: flexible length adjustment AND optimum vision. Due to intelligent cable routing all SmartFork® applications are fully operational even with extended fork blade.

Features / characteristics

Manually adjustable TelescopicForks

Ideal solution for goods and pallets in different lengths

Smart patented cable management: SmartFork® components remain fully functional with the extended fork blade

Always ready for use with just a few simple steps

SmartFork® ManuTel: Photos and detail views

SmartFork® ManuTel

SmartFork® ManuTel mounted on the forklift

SmartFork® ManuTel: cable-routing inside the fork

SmartFork® ManuTel: FrontCam integration

SmartFork® ManuTel: Flash integration

SmartFork® ManuTel: Laser integration


  • Unobstructed forward view

  • Storing of goods

  • Varying load lengths

Technical data

SmartFork® ManuTel scope of supply

2 ManuTel®forks with extendable fork shoe and integrated SmartFork®applications

SmartConnect options

According to the selected SmartFork®applications


Proven SmartFork® combinations

SmartFork® FrontCam

SmartFork® SideCam
(25 mm overhang)

SmartFork® Laser

SmartFork® EasySecure

SmartFork® Flash

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