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SmartFork® FAQ

Please find below answers to frequently asked questions about the SmartFork® - from enquiry and purchase order to installation, safety instructions and application. 

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SmartFork® FAQs

    Yes, the forks are specially designed for each individual application.

    No, all SmartFork® aplications are designed to maintain the basic dimension and load capacity of the fork. Compliance with ISO 2330 is ensured at all times (e.g. triple static safety). Despite integrated application the tip thickness is only 25 mm.

    Yes, SmartFork®applications may be installed into almost all special forks. Thus use on attachments, for example multiple pallet clamps, is possible. We will gladly check your particular application!

    Yes, in principle the SmartFork® can be applied in many different environments - though sometimes special adjustments and designs are required. We will gladly check your individual demands (special load carrier, transported goods and environmental conditions). Information on minimum dimensions / structural dimensions for the individual application can be found under scope of delivery.

    Yes, spare parts supply of the SmartFork®comprises an exchange of the base fork as well as an exchange of individual applications. The overall condition / operating hours of the complete SmartFork® should always be checked during wear examination or exchange of spare parts to take economically sensible decisions.

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    Installation to an attachment?

    Use with special load carriers?

    Special environmental conditions (heat / cold zones / light conditions / outdoor operation / heavy duty, etc.)?

    Let us talk about your individual application or arrange for a product demonstration on site!

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    Patrick Schneider

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