SmartFork® Flash

See and be seen

The fork is always first - no matter if the forklift turns or drives out of dark aisles. Our bright spot: Integrated LEDs making forks immediately visible. 

Further application: Freely programmable LEDs at the inner side of the blade allow to display the entry depth. 

Features / characteristics

Warning function (outer fork blade): Forks are visible from afar in dark and unclear environments

Entry depth function (inner fork blade): Display of entry depth for efficient and safe load pick-up

Reduction of accidents

Higher working safety

Displayed lengths and colours freely programmable

Available length of LED strips: 335 mm, 635 mm, 935 mm or 1870 mm

SmartFork® Flash: Photos and detail views

Option 1: Warning function

Option 2: Entry depth function

SmartFork® Flash in practice

SmartFlash LED strips are also available as retrofit kit for forklift trucks, lift trucks, high-lift trucks, lifting platforms, automatic guided vehicle systems, ...



  • Increased visibility


Technical data

Scope of supply SmartFork® Flash

2 SmartFork® incl. integrated LED strips

1 SmartFork® Flash driver

SmartConnect Options

Power supply: cable-guided with interface on the fork head


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