SmartFork® SideCam

Perfect view of the load

Look along the fork when loading goods? The lateral camera position of the SmartFork® SideCam offers images of both forks on the monitor. A semi-integrated camera installation and cable routing in the fork allows a more robust solution.

Features / characteristics

Coming soon: person identification

Easy and safe retraction in pallets

Coming soon: display of the actual fork inclination

Improved lifting of loads

Reduced manoeuvring damages

Cable routing integrated into the fork

Aiming along the fork

Both forks in the camera field of view

Significantly stronger and more durable solution compared to previous systems

Unique, semi-integrated camera installation

SmartFork® SideCam: Photos and detail views

SmartFork® SideCam

Monitor view before load pick-up

SmartFork® SideCam – semi-integrated camera installation in the lateral fork blade


  • Unobstructed forward view

  • Storing of goods

Technical data

SmartFork® SideCam scope of supply

1 SmartFork® incl. side camera

1 Fork as counterpart 

SmartConnect options

Signal output: SmartFork® monitor

Signal transmission: WiFi or cable-guided

Power supply: Battery or cable-guided with interface on the fork head


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