SmartFork® EasySecure

Exact recognition of entry depth

SmartFork® EasySecure makes pallet loading even more intelligent, no matter whether block storage or high bay racking. The light sensor mounted in the fork blade center indicates the pallet end or facilitates a safe recognition of length- or crosswise stored Euro-pallets. For a flexible application the SmartFork® EasySecure can be adapted individually to up to 3 load carriers.

Removing goods from the block storage poses a genuine challenge, as there is a constant danger to lift up the pallet stored next in line, too. The application SmartFork® EasySecure in the fork tip displays the end of the pallet.

Features / characteristics

Safe load absorption in block storage, even in vast heights

Safe recognition of transverse or longitudinal pallet storage

Reaching the pallet end resp. permissible entry depth is displayed

Lifting of cargo placed behind is prevented by slighty backing up the lift truck

Up to three firmly defined pallets can be picked up and stored independently

Up to three sensors per fork possible:
Min. interspace 100 mm
Application height max. 120 mm

Light sensor inside the fork tip:
Min. tip thickness only 25 mm
Min. distance to fork tip 22 mm

Display in the driver‘s cabin indicates the entry depth

SmartFork® EasySecure: Photos and detail views

EasySecure sensor for safe pick-up of transverse or longitudinal stored pallets

EasySecure Sensor inside the fork tip

EasySecure LED display inside the driver cabin

SmartSupply with BOSCH battery: wireless energy supply / data transfer (optional)

SmartFork® EasySecure light sensor


  • Block storage in the warehouse

  • Retrieval of goods

Technical data

SmartFork® EasySecure scope of supply

1 SmartFork® incl. EasySecure sensor

1 fork as counterpart

SmartConnect options

Signal output: EasySecure display 
Signal transmission: Bluetooth or cable-guided
Power supply: SmartSupply battery or cable-guided with interface on the fork head
Battery life SmartSupply: approx. 22 hours in permanent operation at room temperature


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