See and be seen - this is the basis for higher efficiency and safety. 
SmartFlash LED strips in heavy duty design offer this option as retrofit kit for your vehicle - no matter if forklift truck, lift truck, high-lift truck, lifting platform, automatic guided vehicle system and much more.

The benefits at a glance

Safety: With LEDs your vehicle is visible from afar

Functions: Flashing light, parking light, running light, brake light, lighting

Heavy Duty design for high loads

LED strip encased in Aluminum C-profile acc. to EN 755 (standard screw mounting included in scope of supply)

Quick mounting by glueing or screwing 

Programmable via USB by means of configuration software

Function selection via integrated buttons

Connection to the electrical system

SmartFlash: Photos and detail views

SmartFlash LED strips

SmartFlash: detail views LED strip / C profile

SmartFlash driver

Do you already know SmartFork® Flash with integrated LED strips?

  • Warning function: Visible from afar in dark and unclear work environments
  • Entry depth function: For efficient and safe load pick-up

 SmartFork® Flash


  • Increased visibility

Technical data

SmartFlash: Scope of supply per set

Max. 2 LED strips

  • Length: 335 mm / 635 mm / 935 mm / 1,870 mm
  • Outside dimension: 15 x 15 mm
  • Cable length 250 mm

1 driver

1 power connection cable

1 extension cable 1,000 mm (further optionally available)

Assembly material (standard screw mountings / mounting tape)

Voltage transformer optionally available

SmartFlash power supply

Cable guided

DC 12V - 24V

Power input max. 24W

Voltage transformer for higher voltage available on demand

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