The intelligent sensor fork

If the view is obstructed through transport goods, only gut feeling remains.
You don’t need to accept this any longer: the SmartFork® provides a better view and makes working with free sight simply safer.

Intuition meets precision - in one tool which makes work as efficient and safe as never before with a fork arm.

Seven good reasons to use SmartFork in logistics 4.0

  1. Improve visibility: Even with loaded cargo
  2. Higher level of safety: For staff and goods
  3. Reduce damages: Through improved visibility and intelligent sensor technology
  4. Reduce costs: Through less damage to goods and packaging
  5. Better ergonomics: Full visibility without uncomfortable rotation of the head and the upper body
  6. Save time: Through safe navigation when transporting goods and faster workflows
  7. Easy handling: Intelligent sensors integrated in the forks make your work easier

High mechanical loading capability according to DIN 60068 certified by independent testing laboratories:

  • Very stable design for heavy duty applications
  • (Continuous) shock resistance up to 100g, vibration resistance up to 5g


Why invest in intelligent forks?

65 % of all accidents are caused by hitting or running over persons or obstacles

Accidents are a sad but constant reality. In 2016 alone there were 12,671 notifiable accidents in Germany, seven of which were fatal. Average damage costs lie about 85,000 €. Not to mention numerous minor collisions which cause disruptions and high internal expenditures.

Most frequent cause of accidents is human failure, as the forklift driver literally operates “flying blind”. SmartFork® support the driver through a better view, warning functions, improved visibility and intelligent sensors.

Source: BGHW aktuell 4/15 and DGUV 2016

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