SmartFork® only reaches its full potential when an optimum integration into the existing structure can be guaranteed. Therefore, VETTER offers a range of different options for energy supply, data transfer and signal output - always with a view to the individual application and working conditions. 

SmartConnect energy and data transfer

Intelligent options for your specific application


  • Minimum installation effort
  • Self-sufficient energy supply through BOSCH standard battery
  • Data transfer via Bluetooth
  • SmartEnergy: automatic deactivation at a standstill (energy saving mode)


  • Minimum installation effort
  • Interference resistant through 2,4 GHZ digital radio
  • Up to 10 systems simultaneously applicable
  • SmartEnergy: automatic deactivation at a standstill (energy saving mode)


  • Provision / exchange of data via CANopen knot
  • Optimum integration in your vehicle, respectively system environment

Mast cable

  • For data- and energy transfer
  • Permanent energy supply, connection to the electrical system

Further versions such as cable reels, spiral cables, etc. on request. We will gladly advise you!

SmartConnect signal output

Choose from various displays!

Haptic Warning

  • SmartFork® signalizes - the seat vibrates!
  • Higher safety at work
  • Relief of the forklift driver: Concentration on the load process without distraction by accoustic or visual signals
  • Individual vibration intensities (informative, warning, increasing)
  • No display in the forklift truck
  • Easy retrofitting


  • Freely programmable
  • Wireless signal transmission via Bluetooth
  • Intuitive adjustment menu
  • Robust industrial housing
  • Installation with RAM mount


  • Proven video standard
  • Up to 4 camera images simultaneously
  • Installation with RAM mount


  • Freely programmable
  • Wired signal transmission
  • Intuitive menu guidance
  • Robust industrial housing
  • Installation with RAM mount

EasySecure display

  • Up to three LEDs displayable
  • Selection of 7 different colours
  • Installation with RAM mount or to an existing monitor

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