The intelligent sensor fork

If the view is obstructed through transport goods, only gut feeling remains.
You don’t need to accept this any longer: the SmartFork® provides a better view and makes working with free sight simply safer.

Intuition meets precision - in one tool which makes work as efficient and safe as never before with a fork arm.

Seven good reasons to use SmartFork in logistics 4.0

  1. Improve visibility: Even with loaded cargo
  2. Higher level of safety: For staff and goods
  3. Reduce damages: Through improved visibility and intelligent sensor technology
  4. Reduce costs: Through less damage to goods and packaging
  5. Better ergonomics: Full visibility without uncomfortable rotation of the head and the upper body
  6. Save time: Through safe navigation when transporting goods and faster workflows
  7. Easy handling: Intelligent sensors integrated in the forks make your work easier

Why invest in intelligent forks?

65 % of all accidents are caused by hitting or running over persons or obstacles

Accidents are a sad but constant reality. In 2016 alone there were 12,671 notifiable accidents in Germany, seven of which were fatal. Average damage costs lie about 85,000 €. Not to mention numerous minor collisions which cause disruptions and high internal expenditures.

Most frequent cause of accidents is human failure, as the forklift driver literally operates “flying blind”. SmartFork® support the driver through a better view, warning functions, improved visibility and intelligent sensors.

Source: BGHW aktuell 4/15 and DGUV 2016

SmartFork® applications

Each SmartFork® application is clever. But only in combination they form an intelligent overall solution that guarantees more safety and efficiency.

Please contact us for more detailed information as well as competent advise through our consultants to allow us to find the best solutions for your requirements.

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